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Domaine Estelle, Saint Nicolas De Bourgueil

$ 17.99

Brand Saint Nicolas De Bourgueil

To the eye, its deep color with hints of violet opens with a nose of cassis and black fruits very pronounced. The taste is delicious, fruity with hints of spice and a nice minerality characteristics.

This Curvee Estelle comes from the Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil vineyard. The surface area is about 9.4 hectares. The vineyards are devoted in entirety to Cabernet Franc, planted at a density of 4500 vines/ha, with the rows of vines interspersed with grass to keep down the weeds and to force the vines to root deeper for nourishment. Vineyard management is, on the whole, along the lines of lutte raisonnee, an increasingly popular system of agriculture which allows for appropriate use of chemical treatments where necessary, encouraging a reasoned approach.

Grape: 100% Cabernet Franc