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Castello Di Luzzano Carlino

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Brand Castello Di Luzzano

Carlino is the name by which Carlo Ferrari was always known. He was married to the delightful Clara and was with us for over 70 years. He knew absolutely everything about Luzzano and as his memory remained excellent right into his old age we would often spend time chatting to him. He was a bit of a lazybones, but never with his vines which he cultivated with great love and skill. We miss Carlino's subtle jokes, but we miss even more his love for good wine, and the touching way he used to go and get a bottle from the cellars and present it to us, as if to say that his Bonarda was better than ours. It was, but even if it hadn't been we'd never have dared say so. Carlino and fellow-worker Oreste were good friends but they were always in competition over the quality of their grapes. But Carlino's Bonarda, with its label reproducing the design on an 18th century ceramic vase we have at Luzzano, is deservedly his.

Grapes: 100% Bonarda