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White Yeti

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Brand Gonzalo Gonzalo

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In the heart of Rioja Alta lives a slightly crazy winemaker by the name of Gonzalo Gonzalo. He happens to make some of the best wines from the region, without even calling them Riojas. Besides a killer red called Gran Cerado, he makes a white by the name of White Yeti.

Now, even if you tried this wine for name alone, your curiosity would be well rewarded. It’s 100% Viura (a.k.a. Macabeo), and fermented in stainless steel where it’s left alone to do its thing. No hanky panky, here. It’s just a terrific natural guzzler that you should grab off the shelf while it lasts.

This is a wine for year round enjoyment. It’s smoky, salty, citrusy, apple-y, delicious-y. I’m thinking brandade or poultry, a good meaty fish or a steaming hot vegetable soup.