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Casa Dasylirion, Sotol Coyote Durango Blanco

$ 48.99

Brand Casa Dasylirion

Like the coyotes that roam freely over northern Mexico’s arid Chihuahua desert, Sotol Coyote is the true essence of pure and natural wildness. It
is handcrafted exclusively from 100% wild-growing and wild-harvested agavacea plants, a variety of the agave or maguey family. These plants
are completely organic, growing naturally without the use of any herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers. And in this unforgiving desert climate,
only the strongest and healthiest plants survive and are harvested to become Sotol Coyote. Wild grown prickly evergreen plants can take as
many as 15 years to mature, storing vast amounts of natural energy before they are ready to be harvested by the “jimadores.” And each huge
and magnificent plant will produce but a single bottle of Sotol Coyote!