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Champagne Moutard, Dame Nesle Côte des Bar Rosé (NV)

$ 36.99

Brand Moutard

Champagne Moutard is a traditional, family run business dating to the 17th century. Primarily grower-producers, Moutard Champagnes showcase the rich and aromatic qualities of the Côtes des Bar terroir.

The Côtes des Bar, also known as the Aube region, sits close to the ancient capital of Champagne, Troyes, and is geographically closer to Chablis than the common Champagne towns of Reims and Epernay in the Marne region. The soil therefore shares more in common with the renowned terroir of Chablis. Champagne Moutard’s vineyards are planted in Kimmeridgian soil (limestone & clay) rather than Champanian (cretaceous chalk). The Kimmeridgian soil and a more southern, slightly warmer terroir mixed with the regional wine making mentality produces Champagnes that are slightly richer and more complex than those from the Marne.