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Champagne Moutard Père & Fils, Champagne Brut Réserve (NV)

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Brand Moutard

A small, family run estate in Buxeuil, in the Aube or Cote des Bar. The family has been tending to the Kimmeridgian clay and limestone since 1642, and first started producing wine in 1927. In addition to the “big three”, the estate also grows Pinot Blanc, and heirloom varietals Petit Meslier, and Arbanne. There are just over 20 hectares of vineyards. All champagnes are aged a minimum of three years on the lees.

Champagne Moutard is a traditional, family run business dating to the 17th century. Primarily grower-producers, Moutard Champagnes showcase the rich and aromatic qualities of the Côtes des Bar terroir.