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Ciconia Reserva

$ 13.99

Brand Casa Agricola Alexandre Relvas

Ciconia is the Latin name for the white stork that has, as it main habitat in Portugal, the forests and woods of Alentejo. Most of the storks migrate during autumn to Africa, and return to Alentejo in December to make their nests. In June, the storks fly for the first time, flights that will normally last 33 years. They mate with the same partner during their lifetime.

This wine suggests a complex aroma of red fruits, wild flowers and spices integrated with vanilla and a toasted taste as a result of resting in a barrel during 6 months. On the palate it presents a well balanced and rounded flavor with a rich taste of fruit and balsamic, with a good bark structure that will give it longevity and persistence at the end of tasting.

Grapes: Aragones, Touriga Nacional and Trincadeira