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Cocchi, Americano Aperitivo

$ 22.99

Brand Fat Cat Wines & Spirits

Americano Cocchi is a true intermediary between wine and spirits as it is a wine with a small addition of alcohol bittered by an infusion of valuable spices and herbs.

“It is called Americano (American) not only due to such new features but also because the habit of drinking Vermouths mixed with bitter spirits and gin – thus creating a drink called cocktail – was spreading from the United States.”

The original recipe of the Americano Cocchi played a role in the history of Asti throughout the nineteenth century and is now considered the aperitif par excellence by the citizens of Asti.

The genuine Americano aperitif, it has been in production since 1891. It is based on an all-natural recipe containing white wine, sugar, alcohol-infused herbs and spices, especially Artemisia flowers, gentian roots and peels of bitter orange.

No artificial colors/additives are admitted. It is made by spicing small batches of wine left to age one year minimum.

The classic Americano – the only choice for “purists”– is to be served in a tumbler glass with ice cubes and a slice of orange.

A splash of soda water is mandatory to release a typical array of aromas and flavors. Also the Royale version is very much sought after: pour it in a goblet, then add some dry sparkling wine made by the Classic method – better if Alta Langa DOC.

For a low alcohol content version, just add fizzy water and crumbled ice. You’ll get a refreshing drink. Even much diluted, the Americano keeps its natural bittering features unchanged.