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Costa Viola Bianco

$ 14.99

Brand Crisera

This dry, golden yellow wine with amber highlights has an intense bouquet.

Grapes: made from Greco Bianco and Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc grapes that are nurtured by a harmonious climate.

Winery associated with Ecostrada of Wine and taste of the Costa Viola
The term Costa Viola originates from Platone (Plato) who, navigating round the coast of Calabria, was struck by the various shades of purple on this extraordinary landscape at sunset. Purple is also the colour of the grape, over the centuries, from this strip of land which is cultivated by the so-called practice of heroic viticulture. This term originates from the morphology of the territory, steep and hanging above the sea and along which the populations were induced to build armaciere, dry stone walls which allowed on one hand to hold the soil from landslide, while on the other create the ideal terraces to cultivate the grapevines.

The Costa Viola is the only area in Calabria that is counted by CERVIM di Aosta (centre of research and studies for the development of mountain viticulture) between the terraced areas where viticulture is practised on steep slopes or mountains. The centuries-old stone walls along the 20km stretch of Reggio Calabria’s Costa Viola (estimated to be about 4,000km of walls) have seen generations of “heroic winemakers” operate in extreme conditions due to the orographic nature of the territory with slopes great than 100% and prohibitive costs in terms of working hours and manpower.