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Dolin Vermouth Dry 375ml

$ 10.99

Brand Dolin

Crisp, dry, and herbal, Dolin is great for cocktails, cooking, drinking chilled as an aperitif, or accompanied with shellfish and cheese. Refrigerate after opening.

Unless it's a drop or two in a super dry Martini, most of us don't give Vermouth much thought. It's a throw-away ingredient costing less than $10 for a big bottle that usually stays in your cupboard for a year before you remember it.

Vermouth is an aromatized wine that grew out of a middle age tradition of adding Wormwood (vermut in German) for flavor. These days, the finest Vermouth of France and Italy are made with good quality base wine and spirit, and then flavored naturally with herbs, roots, and bark for that wonderfully mysterious taste that people adored in the first place. Dolin is classified as an Appellation d'Origine Controlle product made from Savoy wine and alpine botanicals grown above the village of Chambery. Try this with equal proportions in your next Martini and you'll never go back to the cheap stuff again