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Domaine Desire Petit, Arbois Trousseau

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Brand Doamine Desire Petit

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From Anne-Laure & Damien, 3rd generation of the Petit family:

The domaine started in 1932 when our grandfather, Désiré Petit, planted his first vines; those of the grape variety Ploussard in the famous “Cote de Feule”.

In 1970, Gérard and Marcel, sons of Désiré, took over the business which at that time consisted of a little less than one and a half hectares of vines. But their love of the work and their motivation drove them to invest heavily in order to develop the domain.

In 1976, they set out to conquer the Côtes du Jura by planting 3 hectares in the commune of Grozon. They continued to increase the domain by adding new parcels with “terroirs” as rich and diverse as they could find on the slopes around Pupillin. Some said that this plan was already mapped out by Désiré !
This could be true, but Gérard and Marcel dug, developed and improved it. They were also keen to cultivate the conviviality and the style of welcome, which was to provide a service simply, but with passion.