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Domaine Vincent Dampt Chablis

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Brand Domaine Vincent Dampt

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Tasting Note: Pale lemon in color. The nose shows soft jasmine notes and ripe fruit. The palate is elegant with a classic, flinty minerality, balanced by soft, creamy fruit.

Region: Chablis is situated in the far north of Burgundy in the département of the Yonne. Chablis’ speciality is its renowned white wine, made from the Chardonnay grape which is grown on sunny slopes either side of the Serein river. The lime-rich Kimmeridgian soil, full of small marine fossils, gives the wines of Chablis their unique mineral quality.

The climate of Chablis is quite cool for ripening wine grapes and vineyards often suffer problems with frost, so the aspect and height of the slopes and the amount of sunlight to which the vines are exposed, are key factors to quality.

Grape: Chardonnay