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Gokoo Shochu

$ 34.99

Brand Gokoo

Gokoo is shochu made from carefully selected barley. It is aged in oak barrels for 5 years and has a rich taste. Gokoo has been adopted by Japan Airlines for international executive in-flight service. Prefecture is Fukuoka.

Decadence is perhaps the closest word to describe the luxurious richness that spreads inside your mouth when the NY Style Cheesecake is combined with Gokoo, a barley shochu aged three years in a whisky barrel (Jack Daniel’s or Jameson), from Kitaya Brewery in Fukuoka Prefecture. Gokoo by itself is an elegant shochu that can be enjoyed alone as a dessert shochu, but when paired with the cheesecake, its robust taste rounds up the intense flavor of velvety cheesecake without overpowering. The pairing is such a gorgeous way to finish your dinner.

Full-Bodied, Complex, Refreshing Finish.