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Kaltern, Südtirol Alto Adige Pinot Grigio Classico

$ 17.99


Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro came into being in 1992, or rather in 1906 and 1908. Today’s operation was formed by the 1992 merger of two long-established local cellars, the Bauernkellerei (Farmer’s Cellar) and the Jubiläumskellerei (Jubilee Cellar).

More than a thousand growers are active with Kaltern, most farming less than one hectare, making cooperation the natural production strategy of choice. 
From 1363, Alto Adige belonged to the Habsburgs and during the reign of Emperor Franz Josef, Kaltern was an official supplier of the court in Vienna.

In 1919, after the First World War, Alto Adige became part of Italy. The subsequent outbreak of the Second World War radically transformed the region and its network of commercial relationships. It was only in the Fifties that Kaltern wintiamoes reasserted themselves as high-profile products for export markets.

The wine market underwent profound changes during the Eighties. Wine was no longer seen as a mere source of calories for back-breaking labour in the fields. It became a social phenomenon. Kaltern was one of the first wine areas in Italy to cater for consumer tastes and shift to a policy of extreme quality. That was when yields gradually began to fall from 200 quintals per hectare to today’s 75.

Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro’s 400 members manage a vineyard surface area totalling 300 hectares, making pure, limpid wines with great mineral backbone and essential appeal.