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Kings County Distillery Honey Moonshine 200ml

$ 22.99

Brand Kings County Distillery

Our Honey Moonshine, or Honeymoon Shine, if you prefer, is Kings County moonshine infused for about six months with full honeycomb frames from Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm, and our neighbors here in the Navy Yard.  The honey infusion is made entirely with NYC-residing bees, whose honey, wax, and propolis all contribute to the authentic flavor of this whiskey. This whiskey has residue from the honeycomb just like real honey, and is bottled unfiltered at 40% abv. This is our answer to the syrupy honey-flavored whiskeys on the market and aims for a more sophisticated palate, with complex floral notes. While honey may not actually help with your allergies, this whiskey will certainly help you forget them. This is the first release of our new line of seasonal moonshine infusions.