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La Gironda di Galandrino, Brachetto d'Acqui

$ 14.99

Brand La Gironda

Vinification: Soft pressing of grapes. The skins remain in contact for 48 hours. The must is decanted and conserved at a low temperature. Re-fermentation in “autoclave” at a controlled temperature, till 6% alc. by volume. Sterile bottling through filtration.

Organoleptic Judgement: It has a very charming pale red colour with soft violet hues. Typical aromatic Brachetto grape bouquet, light musky scent with hints of rose. Its taste in sweet, sapid, recalling the fruity character of the fragrance, with good structure and long lasting.

Accompaniments: Serving temperature: 10ºC. Suitable with all desserts, especially with fruit tarts, wild berries, syrupy fruit and cookies (above all “amaretti” typical cookies of Piedmont.)