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Nishi Shuzo, Tomi No Hozan Imo Shochu

$ 36.99

Brand Nishi Shuzo

Nishi Shuzo is installed for over a century and a half in the hills of Kagoshima, in the of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four Japanese main islands. They produce shochu from different ingredients, but their specialty is by far sweet potato based shochu, typical of Kagoshima region. Nishi Shuzo itself cultivates sweet potatoes use for the production of their shochus and works closely with local farmers to continually improve the quality of products. Nishi Shuzo has, over time, raised a formidable challenge, the challenge to produce shochu with remarkable taste qualities, very refined, using completely traditional methods. Nishi Shuzo shochus are now recognized all around Japan as a benchmark for quality and this success is exported internationally.

Using low-temperature fermentation, yellow koji (usually used in sake rather than shochu) and carefully selected sweet potatoes, Tomi no Hozan displays a sweet and citrusy aroma and light, enjoyable flavor.