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Maris, Rosé (2019)

$ 14.99

Brand Chateau Maris

Sourced from one of our very own seriously Old School vineyard planted in 1959 in AOC Minervois with Grenache, this Direct press Rose (meaning made the proper way)  is certified Ecocert Organic NOP, certified Demeter and certified Biodyvin for good measure. It’s salmon in color but dry, crisp and refreshing.

A few years ago, I was visiting a Manhattan retailer who carries Chateau Maris and I saw a floor person presenting one of our wines and, bottle in hand, she was explaining that “…these guys are really doing it “Old School”, they even plow with horses”. I thought it was brilliant and decided to create this label. “Old School” says it all. It’s a vision of the future with roots in the past, using tradition to craft an innovative wine. Utilizing Organic and Biodynamic methods in the vineyards and the most up-to-date technology in the cellar.

We like our Rosé to be crisp, fresh and lively. It’s a wine that should make you want to skip and hop in a warm summer evening. We made it for ourselves but we really hope you like it!

Grapes: 100% biodynamic Grenache