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Pacherhof Kerner

$ 24.99

Brand pacherhof

Pacherhof’s wine-growing estate is located in Neustift, in the Eisack valley, slightly higher than Brixen, in Italy. The historic Pacherhof vineyard is property of the Huber family since 1142. Cellar master Andreas Huber cultivates excellent white grape varieties, pressing them in his own cellar, on 8 hectares of land. Huber’s belief is that it is best to retain the characteristics of the vine and the soil in his wines and to tamper with them as little as possible.

Pacherhof’s natural potential lies in its vineyards, located in the best locations, in gravelly soil, rich in minerals and in special micro climates. In the Eisack valley vineyards are favorably located on the steep slopes of the southern sides of the valley. The soil conditions with their mixture of sand, shingle and gravel, have an advantageous effect on the quality of the grapes. The natural diversity and the uncompromising striving for quality by Andreas Huber form the basis for exclusive white wines full of character. The white wines of the Eisack valley in fact, face difficult but good pre-conditions that essentially form their character. Fresh, chilly nights, warm to hot days and good ventilation contribute to the fruity, subtle aromas of the white wines, and give them their classy style, individual, dry tartness and a taste of attractive robustness.