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Philippe Bornard Tant Mieux Sparkling Ploussard

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Brand Philippe Bornard

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From the Jura region, 'Tant-Mieux' is a Poulsard-based sparkling wine, namely a Petillant Naturel, meaning that fermentation was finished in the bottle without the addition of sugar. It has a dried cranberry color and a touch of cloudiness as the wine is unfiltered and was not disgorged. Aromas include dried tea leaves, orange rind and bright strawberries. Expressive strawberry notes dominate as hints of amaro, tea and a hints of sweetness round out the flavor. The fruit is ripe, but still reserved in an Old World fashion.

Philippe Bornard lives at the top of Pupillin and farms about six hectares, which he inherited from his father. After years of selling grapes to the local cooperative, he decided to vinify and bottle his own wines only five years ago (before that he was a musician). He falls in the natural wine camp, using very low sulfur, just enough to ensure that the wine he exports makes it abroad safely. This is ploussard rosé, naturally sparkling, and very delicious. Tant Mieux means 'too good' or also slang for 'too good to be true.'

Produced in the unconventional Jaura region, where only 4 things matter; Savignin, Trouseau and Poulsard (grapes) and natural wine making.