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Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirées Cahors Fabien Jouves

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Brand Mas del Périé - Fabien Jouves

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Soft, supple & spicy. Blackberry and pomegranate tones.

Fabien Jouves doesn’t just rock the classic style of Cahors. He also makes a few “vins de soif” (quaffers.) This one is half Cabernet Franc, a grape illegal here, thus the “Vin de France” lack of appellation & no vintage on the label. The name is a pun on “Tu Vien Plus Aux Soirees” meaning “You’re no longer welcome at this party” a reference to Cab Franc’s historic presence here, now ignored by the authorities. A Wine Authorities exclusive!

Serving Suggestion: A great drinker on its own, but also suitable with sautéed mushroom and collard wraps, or dark meat turkey and roast pork.

Grapes: biodynamic 50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Malbec