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Yves Leccia, Île de Beauté Rouge

$ 26.99

Brand Yves Leccia

Yves Leccia has devoted an enormous amount of time and resources over the past decade to the development of vineyards planted to massale selections of Corsican heirloom varieties. Many of these varieties were thought to be lost during the post-WWII years when Corsican viticulture was revamped to conform to what was at the time popular in the rest of France. One of the most fascinating discoveries by Yves was a small block of Biancu Gentile, an ancient variety native to Corsica, which for years was presumed to be extinct. Leccia has slowly nurtured these cuttings, and now has a producing vineyard planted on the rocky, schist soil of Patrimonio. Beginning with the 2010 vintage, the INAO authorities allow Biancu Gentile in IGP wines from Corsica, so they no longer need to be sold as Vin de Pays.

Corsica, France

Grenache and Nielluccio