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Zapiain Sagardoa

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Brand Zapiain Sagardoa

Zapiain - The oldest document relating the surname Zapiain to cider dates back to 1595. There was a ruling issued in favour of the town hall of Donostia against Juanes de Zapiain, which stated that “His ciders will not be allowed until such time as he lives within the city walls.” Many years later, it was Don Nicolas Rosario Zapiain Agirregabiria, the father of the current owners, who decided to give up other activities on the farm (livestock rearing and the vegetable garden, etc.) and focus entirely on the production of cider. In 1961, he started to build a cellar with 15,000 litre casks (kupelas in Basque) and in 1964 fitted the 22 casks that exist today. A few years later he built another cellar that is currently being used, and comprises 6 casks that hold 33,000 litres. This work was big news at the time.